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Detroit Kiteboarding

Detroit Kiteboarding’s instruction programs on Lake Saint Clair can accommodate anyone from any background.  Whether or not you have ever flown a kite or participated in a board sport you are capable of learning to kiteboard if you really want to.   Guys pushing 70 years old and women with little upper body strength have been through our programs and are ripping today.

Originally certified in 2004, our lessons are hands on and confidence building.  Safety and how to handle potentially dangerous situations is a primary focus and constantly reinforced.

In addition to beginner instruction we offer intermediate and advanced lessons as well.  There is no faster way to improve than fully supported downwinders.  You can try new things repeatedly without worry as an instructor coaches you on improving your technique.

DKB’s programs have been honed over the past eight years through countless hours teaching people how to kiteboard safely.  We have been there and done that.  We can get you there too!

Company: Detroit Kiteboarding
Contact Name:
Phone: (248) 245-5016
Address: 41680 Conger Bay Dr, Harrison Township, MI 48045
Website URL:
Years in Business: 8

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